About Inspiration For Designers

Brief Overview

Inspiration For Designers started out as an Instagram page that showcased work from talented designers for inspiration purposes, but it expanded into a website that shows a handpicked collection of inspiration, high quality resources and design articles. One of the best ways to learn new techniques and design principles is to study and analyze the work of others. So that’s why the goal of Inspiration For Designers is to inspire and support designers in the process of creating amazing projects.

How Was It Started?

As a designer, I would often look for inspiration on Dribbble to give me ideas for current or future design projects. If something grabbed my attention, I usually saved it to a folder on my computer to reference later, but as time went on this folder grew larger and it became a pain to go through thousands of images. At the time, I just dealt with it but there came a point where it took too much time just trying to find something, so I stopped using that folder. After a few months, I had the idea that maybe I could create a collection of my favourite inspiration and post it on Instagram so that it was easier to find. That’s when I thought, maybe other designers would want to see my curated collection of inspiration and that’s when Inspiration For Designers was created at the beginning of 2019.

At first, I wasn’t sure that people would follow since there were already a lot of inspiration accounts on Instagram but after a few months people started following and it kept growing on a regular basis. After almost a year of being on Instagram the account quickly grew to over 50,000 followers and that’s when I had the idea that maybe I could do something more. I thought that I could create a website that would share a handpicked collection of inspiration along with design resources, products and articles. The goal of the website was to become a place where designers could find inspiration and other high quality resources while giving them an opportunity to submit their own work to have a chance to be showcased giving them great exposure in return.

This a personal side project for me, but it’s something that I wanted to create for a long time. It’s something that I’m passionate about and I wanted to create something that helps other designers. I’ll always try to keep providing value for the amazing design community through this website and Instagram account.